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Episode #0: VRHuman

Hello there, my name is Domen and I’d like to welcome you to the pilot episode of Unlock Realities. A podcast focused around all the different realities we come in contact with these days, whether augmented, mixed or virtual. In every episode we will be talking with a professional from the industry, bringing you insights to the future of these industries. 

In this pilot episode, I sit down with my first guest and future co-host and all around awesome dude, Vlad, on his couch in Hamburg, Germany. Vlad goes by the name VRHuman in the VR art scene. 

We talk about his beginnings as an artist, old computers, going blind and what it’s like to create a piece of art every single day.

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Hello? Is this thing on? Oh, hey there. Didn’t see you at first. Thanks for stopping by! We are currently working full speed to bring our first podcast episode online for you to listen to. 

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